When planning a getaway holiday, you must consider certain factors related to tourist products of your chosen tourist destination; and the distance from your hotel to various attractions is so far the most important aspect to consider when planning traveling.

Most cities are very big, and it can be quite difficult getting around, thus directions come in handy, especially if it is your first time.

Visiting Queenscliff is so much fun and not difficult to find your way around. Getting to your places of choice has been made easy here including directions to the most important hotels, desired attraction sites and shopping places. The famous Queenscliff Fishing Charters is only 90 minutes from Melbourne and 25 minutes from Geelong. It is found in Queenscliff Harbour at the Larkin Parade. It is easy to locate as you will see directions along the way especially if you are using the highway.

If travelling from Geelong, move along the Bellarine Highway, and it will take you directly to Queenscliff where you, then take the main street (Hesse) after a left turn at the second roundabout. A right turn along this road will lead you to the Queenscliff Ferry Terminal which is just a walking distance from the car park where you will leave your car. If you want to go to the ferry from the Sorrento Township, drive right before the hill to Sorrento, then follow the signs on the road to the ferry. Going to the Ferry terminal from Queenscliff town is quite simple; once you reach Hesse Street, which is the main street, turn right, and you will go straight to the Ferry Terminal. If you wish to go through the ferry with your car, then drive straight through the car ticketing section to register your car for the ride.

But if you are planning to go to Queenscliff Township from the ferry terminal, then you will have to drive through the roundabout at the Marina along Bellarine Highway and follow the directional signs to the town center and finally turn left to reach the main street. If you prefer walking, then take the path leading to the park, walk straight past the park into Gellibrand Street, then proceed to the main street and finally turn left.

Going to the many attractions in Queenscliff is quite easy; this is because the town has been designed in such a manner that visitors to this marina will have an easy time. To start with, visitors can check out the visitor center in Hess Street, where maps and advice will be given to make navigating the town easier.

If you would like to get out of town, the Bellarine Railway runs steam hauled heritage trains from Queenscliff to Drysdale and return throughout the year. You can catch this tourist train both ways and see the sights, or take your bike and ride the rail trail back to Queenscliff. However, if you are looking for something a little more stimulating The Blues Train should do it for you with four acts of live Blues music, dinner and a well-stocked drinks bar.

Therefore, getting to and around Queenscliff is a breeze and visiting this seaside town will exceed all expectations you had about it.