Queenscliff is a very fulfilling touristic destination that you would not want to miss when visiting Australia on holiday. Queenscliff attracts millions of tourists all year round due to its beautiful sites and amazing touristic features. Its location inside the Port Philip Bay's entrance has made it a heaven on earth attraction.

This seaside town is home to the best beach resorts, boating, scuba diving, fishing, and deep-sea diving among other activities that boost tourists visiting this place. This destination has hyped its touristic activities by the classy forms of accommodation that include guesthouses, apartments, cabins and cottages. The finest of restaurants can be found here as you will be served with the most exotic cuisines and the best sea foods that will take you on a gastronomical adventure.

Your trip will be very interesting as you will have a chance to tour the famous Fort Queenscliff where you will experience the magic of delicious seafood at the numerous restaurants found here. There are two popular museums; the Maritime and the Historical Museums that are open daily and showcase the history of the land in the most classified way.

There are certain festivals that enhance touristic activities, in particular, months of the year that you wouldn't want to miss. In April around Easter, Queenscliff Seafood Festival is held, and the Queenscliff Blue Water Challenge is held in January. The Great Ocean Road that is a formation of the biggest coastline in Queenscliff is the best place to relax as it gives you a lay back mood, especially if you are in search of inspiration.

The Bellarine Railway operates steam and diesel hauled heritage trains from Queenscliff to Drysdale and return throughout the year – the timetable can be found on the railway's website. The railway also offers special days including Day out with Thomas the Tank Engine, Magic Shows, Santa and Easter Bunny trains along with charters for weddings and other events, carriage hire on regular services and the ability to learn how to drive a train through driver experience programs.

The heritage walk is one amazing activity to do in Queenscliff; you need to book for the tour in advance to get the best services. There is a booklet as well if you miss a tour that will direct you along the walk as you learn and enjoy the history of Victoria. The sea view of different touristic products allows you a chance to interact with the marine life as you can swim with dolphins as well as watch and play with seals. The best part is where you get to watch dolphins and whales swim at a close range without fear of an attack. Port Philip presents you with a chance of your lifetime, especially if you enjoy boating.

Take a ride on the Queenscliff Sorrento ferry as well as passenger vehicles and sightsee the best sceneries of Queenscliff. If you love music and arts, then you must visit the Faulty Towers for an amazing experience of theatre productions that include music and films, in addition you will have a golden opportunity to experience the elegant light dinner at the Towers. In Queenscliff, you will have a chance to take fishing charters and tours that include fishing clinics, Biological educational cruises and beautiful sunset scenery tours.