While travelling on vacation, food and drink are the two things that will define the amount of fun you will have on your trip. Good food and quality service is what you should base on when choosing a place to eat or hold a social gathering reception. Well prepared food will help you avoid occasional gaining of excessive weight while on vacation.

Queenscliff has special restaurants with delicious foods as well as quality and friendly service that will intrigue you throughout your holiday trip. Great places to eat vary from elegant hotel settings to outdoor barbeque grills at the seaside. If you are looking to reserve a table for your whole family, a romantic dinner or just raw ingredients for you to make your own meals, then you will find them all in Queenscliff. Queenscliff has the best eat and drink spots that will amaze you as they come with additional services that will make you feel at home.

Provisions of restaurant and bars all under one roof are available for visitors as well as cafeterias that match up to eat and drink spots. Athelstane House is one of the biggest restaurants in Queenscliff that is open all seven days of the week. It offers free Wi-Fi for its guests and also offers coffee and other drinks all day. This restaurant also has lovely lunch weekends and dinners from Monday to Saturdays. If you are on holiday with kids, you will want to consider a restaurant that offers confectioneries as this is the only time they can afford real junk and have real fun.

Dining at Port Philip has been made possible with lovely cruise ships as well as boat cafes that give you an opportunity to enjoy your delicious meal while on a boat or ferry ride. The Ferry Terminal Beach Cafe is an amazing eatery that gives excellent views of Port Philip Bay, the Portsea and Queenscliff Fort; in addition, it offers freshly cooked meals at very affordable prices and in equally generous proportions. This restaurant is highly recommended for informal lunches and breakfasts. This place is ideal for quick snacks and real meals and is open seven days a week.

Lix Ice Creamery and Juice Bar is perhaps the most interesting cafe that will have you salivating, here you will have finely toasted sandwiches and other meals of your choice. You have an option of eating along the harbors' waters as well as enjoying the best and popular flavors of ice-creams and hot Belgian waffles. If you are price sensitive there are cafes and restaurants that will offer you the best meals, friendly services at very affordable prices.